Teachers’ professional identity

Teachers’ professional identity

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Research task: 30% 1,500 words (excluding references)

“Teachers’ identities are central to their beliefs, values and
practices that guide their actions within and outside the classroom”
(Sutherland, Howard & Markauskaite, 2010, p. 455).

Discuss the concept of professional identity and its connection to
being an educator in the twenty-first century.

For your discussion, reflect upon the lectures, readings and the
workshops, and use independent research.

You must refer to at least 5 academic, scholarly references, which
will provide your discussion with appropriate and current research-
based evidence.

You must use APA 6th edition referencing. “Current” research suggests
within the last 10 years.

Notes to assist your writing:
In your structure:
1. Introduction: Clearly describe your focus and establish for the
reader the issues you wish to address.
2. Review, synthesise and evaluate current research and writing on the
concept of professional identity;
3. Critically discuss in light of the particular question and from
your research; and
4 Conclusion: draw together your discussion; make sure you have
answered the question.

A good discussion is likely to include the following aspects:
• An introduction that engages directly with the question posed and
which establishes clearly and immediately the writer’s point of view
or position;
• Evidence of well organised thoughts that systematically develop a
line of discussion – expressed in clear paragraphs;
• Evidence of an understanding of relevant concepts;
• Evidence of a relationship of research to its application in
practice; and
• Well-chosen illustrations/specific examples from current, relevant
and scholarly literature to support claims.

• Font size is to be size 12 Times New Roman or Arial. Spacing should
be 1.5 or double-spaced.