20 pages on teaching and coaching. I interviewed 5 teachers/coaches and found four sources of information that need a 3-4 page lit review to begin the paper. There should then be a methods section of 1-2 pages, explaining who was interviewed and how (The coaches were Evin Eichelberger, Joe Solomon, Shaun Appler, Casper Powe, and Jess Livengood). There should then be a findings section which talks about trends, themes, and differences, a discussion section that asks “So what? What was this research done for?”, and finally a conclusion section that lists limitations, future research that could be done, and a summary of the research. Topics of interest raised during the interviews could include but are not limited to: differences across age groups, coaching age, experience, and coaching your child. I have attached one interview received in a word document, and the other four attached with audio files as well as text files, though the text files have been transcribed they are not entirely accurate. It would be easier to listen to the audio files for precision. I have also attached the four sources that need to have a literature review.