Team Development

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Forming occurs relatively easily but many leaders do forget that this is a critical stage for not making assumptions, listening and establish trust and purpose of the group (Matthews & McLees, 2015). For example, on my team, our director has done a good job of following sage advice and has not assumed that there was already an inherent understanding of the groups’ purpose. However, only the leadership team (5 of 25) were involved in this conversation and the development of the purpose. Additionally, the director has made some assumptions about the level of trust and credibility should would inherently have with the larger group. Her focus has been task orientated, and not relationship orientated (Matthews & McLees, 2015). The result is a team that will likely stay in the storming phase for longer than necessary. People are confused about what was once relatively straight forward, meetings are quiet when feedback is asked for, and counterproductive behavior is engaged in outside of the meetings to protect individual territory (Harper, 2018).