Technical specification to suppliers

Complete a Procurement Plan for our project.

Based on the lectures and reading and knowledge from past courses and professional experience, create a project procurement plan that includes the following items:

  1. Identify three items of which you will need to go out for contracted services. Provide an explanation of why these items need to be outsourced.
  2. Develop a Request for Quote technical specification to the suppliers for each of these services or products. Please note that you should create three separate RFQs; these should be of a format ready to send out for quoting.
  3. Provide a matrix or table document of the criteria by which you will qualify each supplier for their service.
  4. You should explain how you will work with your company’s procurement department on this aspect of the project
  5. Insert your project’s procurement requirements into your Integrated Project Plan

Using the Capstone Project Table of Contents as a guide, insert your Procurement Plan & Analysis into your Integrated Project Plan.

Please review the case introduction (uploaded: Project Case Overview), MsProject-Work breakdown structure (Uploaded: WBS) and our Integrated Project Plan (uploaded: IPP) to understand what’s our project is working for.

The three items that we are planned to have contracted services for our project are 1. Website designer; 2. Field trip (travel agency); 3. Short term Insurance company.

Review the example template when building the three separate RFQs for our Procurement Plan.