Technical Writing: Request for proposal

Technical Writing: Request for proposal
Order Description
Create a 2,500 word Request for Proposal (RFP) for bringing in outside trainers to train staff on the use of Microsoft Office® programs. Include the following sections in your RFP: (The order below is not intended as the order of the proposal).
• General overview of the RFP
• Your company background.
• The business requirements for the project, including the specific items (products and services) on which the suppliers are bidding and any information on costs.
• Due date of the proposal (proposal deadline)
• Instructions on how to submit proposal and method of submission, including name and address of corporate contact as well as format requirements (e.g. certified mail, # of copies required, etc.)
• Instructions on who to contact with questions (e.g. via email, phone, fax)
• Selection process (describes how the vendor will be selected including any evaluation criteria)
• This non-profit resource has very good information for the RFP whether non profit or not.
• Minimum word count 2,500 words not including title page.