Imagine that you have been hired to work as a database designer in an electricity company. Your manager asks you to design a database for the billing system. Billing system is responsible to store
data for following entities: Branches, Customers, Billing transactions.
a. Define tables related to the entities above-mentioned and the attributes for each table? Create those tables with primary keys using Create SQL Statements? (5 points)
b. Insert 5 records in each table with Insert Statements? (5 points)
2. Explain, why could the following statements lead to problem: (10 points)
a. Select Student_name from Student A Where Stud_id=5 Where Age=20;
b. Select All from Student;
c. Select *, [student name] where Stud_id=1
d. Select * from Student order by stud_id where student_name=’Frank’;
e. Select from Student order by stud_id where student_name=Frank;