Technology and Social Media





1- Most experts believe that the rise in online consumption in information has caused a
complimentary decline in print reading- However, experts do not agree on the
consequences, or even the larger implications, of this fact- While some bemoan the
decline in traditional forms of reading, others point to the scholarly and academic
power of new information technology- Write an essay in which you consider the claim,
implicit in Nicholas Carr‘s essay, that Google is “making us stupid“ by robbing us of
ou ability to engage deeply with long and complicated texts or otherwise reshaping
ou minds and shortening out attention spans.

2- Social media sites like Facebook have become, in some sense, the dominant
means of communication in the 213t centuy- Write an essay in which you consider the
impact of such technologies on ou social and emotional development- You might
consider this essay a response to “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely-“