Technology that has impacted world culture: iPhone

Select an idea/invention related to science and technology from early modern period (beginning 1650) to the present day. You will use this as the focus of your second major project, the research paper. (topic I chose was iPhone)

Think outside of the box for this. While things like the automobile, the computer, and the cell phone are obvious examples (and should they be chosen, their impacts will, therefore, need to be analyzed in greater depth than less obvious choices), consider the various elements of culture you will study this term and the forces that shape them.

If we think about food, for example, we have to think about trade and what has made the buying and selling of food on the world market possible. The invention of containerization as a means of transporting perishable commodities in the 1960s not only redefined foodways across the world, but it also reconfigured the economies (and thus the lifestyles, languages, and daily practices) of entire regions.