terrorist financing

terrorist financing;

Text    component should    begin with a brief introduction     that    captures the reader’s attention, introduces your chosen concept, and encourages the reader to continue reading.

Please follow the instructions below:
1. Read peer-reviewed journal article by     Moran et al. (I will upload the peer-reviewed journal article by Moran et al. as additional material, please check for that)
2. Choose ONE scientific/technical     term associated with the above article that
would not     normally    be understood by a    non-scientific audience.    Examples     of
possible terms     could include:     Bonferroni correction, temporal gyrus, fMRI    …    the list goes on.
3. Research chosen term using a minimum of three scholarly sources    until    you
develop sufficient expertise to explain it to a non-expert audience.
3. Write approximately 750 words explaining    your    chosen term to an
audience    composed of individuals    who    have some post-secondary education    and a general interest in    the topic but no specialized scientific knowledge.    Include a    visual aid.     Paper should include a bibliography. Please cite sources    using APA 6.0.

– Use plain language
– Explain terminology and acronyms
– Use appropriate metaphors
– Use everyday examples
– Use and    cite multiple sources
– Incorporate appropriate visual aids and graphics
– Clear, concise, coherent, well-organized; sentences and paragraphs well structured; language and tone well-chosen; visual     aid appropriate and helpful
– Follow an organizational pattern
– Divide into manageable paragraphs
– Revise sentences    for clarity,     conciseness, coherence
– Edit for correctness