The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) appeals the decisional


read both Pirker and Huerta Decisions and do a case comment comparing the decision of Pirker II and Taylor v. Huerta. The Formant of the Case Comment should be no longer than 1500 words and will
contain an introduction, background information, the holding of the particular Court and most importantly, the student analysis of the case law on aviation, if any. Which decision in your opinion
is correct, is it the full NTSB board in Pirker II or the Court in Taylor v. Huerta? Case comments will be evaluated on proper formatting, complete sentences, punctuation, and grammar. Proper
formated of citations must be used as found in Chapter One of the Fundamentals of Aviation Law, the Course Text Book. The main goal is to ascertain that a student can read a case, state the law and
predict the case law effects on aviation. can you do your best to make 1500 words. do your best please.