The American History

Discuss the following people in the American History

Alien Acts
Sedition Acts
Election of 1800
Warehouse rights
Orders of Council
French trappers, French trade
Proclamation of 1763
The Navigation Laws
Townshend Acts
Massachusetts Committee of Correspondence
Boston Tea Party
Advantages and disadvantage for Britain in the war with the colonies
Advantages and disadvantages for the colonies in the war with Britain
George Washington as a leader
Thomas Paine
Conservative Loyalist
French supplies
France’s decision to side with the colonies
Victory at Yorktown
Paris Peace Treaty of 1782
Loss of Religious Fervor
Edict of Nantes
French Relations with Indians
7 Year War (French and Indian War)
Stamp Act
Sugar Act
Boston Massacre
Loyalists- Patriots
Slavery in America
State Constitutions
Economic Democracy
Articles of Confederation
Land Ordinance of 1785
Constitution Convention
Federalists ratification of the Constitution
Bill of Rights
Jefferson’s views on Constitution
Whiskey Rebellion
Benefit of political parties
Spanish-American Treaty in French Revolution
Washington leaves office
Jefferson’s Compact Theory
John Marshall
Orders of Council
Embargo Act 1807
America and France against Britain