The American justice system.

Write a Analytical Essay about a cultural product that represents and scrutinizes some aspect of the American justice system. This cultural product may take the form of a cartoon, a photo, a piece of literature, a visual image, and so on. (See the list of ideas below.) Your task is not only to analyze the cultural product, but to also connect the cultural product to the larger framework of its impact on the American justice system

How does this cultural product contain or promote specific values?
• How is it representative of wider social assumptions that are reproduced and circulated and/or published, including the scope and method of circulation?
• How is the product experienced or interpreted?
• How does it contribute to and actively shape cultural ideals and expectations?
• How does it support or revise conventional ideas, practices, or expectations?
• How does it utilize symbolism to create meaning?
• How does it participate in influencing the formation of personal or group identity?
• What is its role in society?
• What essential elements of its form (visual or textual composition, style, presentation) contribute to its meaning?
• How does it adhere to conventions of a larger genre or category? (The “genre” may be action movies, men’s magazines, etc.)