The ANOVA die assignment

Assignment 1 – This is the ANOVA die assignment. put the answers within the excel file provided as a textbox and not just typed in a cell. This is very important.

Assignment 2/3 (This is two appendix assignments) The steps are below. Please follow the steps for Appendix 10.3 and Appendix 10.4
So, here is the background. There are three competitors who have an historical average market share. Your geniuses in marketing come up with a new plan to steal market share from the other two companies (A and B). So you do a marketing test to determine if that is a good idea. Now, we use 200 customers and expose them to the campaign and then we measure how they respond to see if we will gain market share. This is the Goodness of Fit test in the file I provided. We are testing to see if our marketing campaign matches the prediction that we can alter market share.

get both of them into the same file but on different worksheets.
Also when you write your analysis. Do not just put it in a cell, insert a textbox and type the information there. (this is important and writer keep ignoring this).