The Apocalypse

Read Books 16 – 18 at:

We have all heard rumors about an impeding Apocalypse using the reading above. You might not have expected to read that mythology deals with that same concern as well. Pick one of the following choices to write about in your initial post with a minimum length of 175 words. Do not use any other sources besides the reading that is given

1) Why do you think the notion of an apocalypse preoccupies the thoughts of people from the past and today? In American culture, what do we believe the apocalypse will be? Using the story of the Ragnarok which you have read in your book, “Norse Myths”, compare it to your modern view of what the apocalypse means.

2) What common themes are shared among the various stories of how the world will come to an end? Do you know any apocalypse versions we have not discussed in this course? Are there any unique or drastically different ideas among these variations (modern, Norse, the Bible, and others) of how the end will come to pass?