The average reading level of prison inmates in the United States

1)If | wanted to know the average reading level of prison inmates in the United States, and | studied this by «

giving a reading comprehension test to 700 inmates whom I’ve selected from across the U.S., what would

be my population and what would be my sample?

2)If | take a sample of 700 prison inmates, and all | want to know about them is the average reading level of

this group of 700, am | using descriptive or inferential statistics? Why?

3)If | take a sample of 700 prison inmates and | want to know their reading level so that | can say

something about the reading level of prison inmates in the entire United States. am | using descriptive or

inferential statistics? Why?

4)If you are interested in the percentage of crime victims who did not report their victimization to the police,

you are doing evaluation research. True or False? Why?

5)A researcher is analyzing one’s fear of crime and how gender, race, class, and age all have an effect.

Which would be the dependent variable?

6)A logically interrelated set of propositions about empirical reality is referred to as [blank].

7)The statement, “States that have a ‘concealed carry’ gun law have higher rates of gun-related injuries

and deaths.” is an example of a [blank].

8)If | wanted to study the effect of drug courts on recidivism, | would be doing evaluation research. True or

False? Why?

9)You have reached the goal of [blank] when our statements or conclusions about empirical reality are


10)A powerful research design in terms of establishing strong Causal validity iS ‘jj sss
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11)The [blank] of a study is the extent to which it can be used to inform us about persons, or events that
were not studied.

12)Let’s say | was interested in the relationship between verbal |Q scores and delinquency among youth in
my state between the ages of 12 and 18. | randomly selected 10 high schools from my state and collected
information about the verbal 1Q of the 500 youth in those schools. Those 500 youths from whom | collected
information would be my

and the much larger group of all 12-18 year old youth in the state would be my

13)If | have a sample statistic and | am using it to estimate an unknown population parameter | am
interested in [biank] statistics.

14)I want to know the average police officer salary among my city police officers. | take a sample of 50
police officers from the population of 200 officers. The mean salary | calculate from my sample is called my
while the mean of the 200 officers is the

15)A tentative statement about reality involving the relationship between two or more phenomena is a

16)If | was interested in the drinking behavior of college undergraduates at my university and | hung
outside of bars on Saturday night asking students to fill out my questionnaire about their drinking behavior,
my study might have tow [blank].

17)The group | want to make an inference or generalization about is called my sample. True or False?
Why?18)[blank] research describes the social phenomena that the researcher is investigating.

19)[blank] research seeks to identify causes and effects of social phenomena, to predict how one
phenomenon will change or vary in response to variation in some other phenomenon.

20)[blank] research seeks to determine the effects of a social program, policy, or other type of intervention.