The Battle of Algiers


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A reflective essay required on the documentary/movie of The Battle of Algiers.

Once movie has been viewed this essay draws upon own reflection but MUST ANSWER – How does this film help me understand the Challenge of Modern Terrorism?


See assessment criteria below; -Strength of research. -Illustration of understanding the topic. -Overall analysis and consideration of alternate points of view. -Directly answering the question and providing a substantive point of view. -Use of facts and information to develop and substantiate analysis and argument. -Use of logic and clarity of thought in presenting your arguments. -Use of correct punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Should include Introduction – summary of the movie
Body and Conclusion. However. please also reflect in first person how this movie made one feel. Please do so similar to how you wrote Mumbai Massacre essay. Summarise the movie but not to lengthy, then answer the question as stated above. How did it make one feel. What are any concluding thoughts.