The benefit of being on the SSRI

Read all directions carefully.

The response should include a prescription of Celexa (citalopram) 20mg PO for this patient. That’s what I would like the paper to include as my recommendation. With scholarly references of course about why. The benefit of being on the SSRI outweighs the risks in this case.

You are caring for a 37-year-old female who is pregnant with her second child. The first pregnancy was traumatic as the woman experienced a pelvic fracture during delivery causing excruciating pain. The anxiety from this memory plagues her into this pregnancy. She has been managed on an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety. Her husband is a pharmacist and has attended most visits with the psychiatric-mental health NP for counseling and psychopharmaceutical drug management.

What would be your initial approach to assessment with this woman/family?
Would you prescribe an antidepressant? If so, why and which one? Explain the pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, contraindications, pregnancy related issues, legal/ethical considerations, testing (if applicable), side effects and relationship to trimester.
What would be your overall plan of care? (Be succinct.) Consider supervision/collaboration/type of psychotherapy or complementary modality you might use.
Criteria for this paper:

Answer these questions succinctly but completely, integrating resources to provide rationale for all decisions.
Use APA formatting for all components of your paper.
You may use narrative, bullets, or a table format for various sections of this discussion assignment.
Your paper should be approximately two to three pages long (including a table if you create a table).
Your paper length should not include the reference page.
Use at least one nursing journal reference from CINAHL (available through the Regis library) to support your rationale.