The Black Power Movement

Compare and contrast the Black Power Movement, the Zapatistas and the Chicano Movement as best as possible.


Some questions to consider:

Who are these movements? Describe the various aspects of these movements. What is it these movements are struggling for? What are their demands? What are their goals and some of their structural critiques? What methods did they use? Were they appropriate for the societal context (war of position)? What were the key issues leading to up to the growth of these movements? What were the different ways in which these movements sought to increase Community Participation and power and for who? What were their daily impacts? How did their respective governments deal with them? Were these movements critical of capitalism/globalization if so how? What is unique about these movements? How are these movements similar and at the same time different? What were their tactics? How did they frame their message? What were their successes? Failures? How did these movements try to construct a new society while also fighting against economic injustice? Sub-comandante Marcos once stated that they seek a world where many worlds fit, ultimately what does this mean and what is the common thread that underlies all of these movements? What does Angela Davis contribute to our discussion of social movements?