The book: Nationalism

• The book: Nationalism (Oxford Reader) John Hutchinson, Anthony Smith, Editors. Oxford University Press; February 9, 1995

This is the first set of readings.
Section I. “Nationalism” (Oxford Reader) pp: 3-47 has readings by:
Ernest Renan
Joseph Stalin
Max Weber
Karl Deutsch
Clifford Geertz
Anthony Giddens
Walker Connor
Write a post that explores the first set of readings to synthesize or list the best explanations of nationalism. The post should comment on 2-3 of the articles that attempt to define nationalism with no more than 2-3 sentences for each. Make sure you: briefly and clearly identify the author and their definition of nationalism, locate a specific term or phrase to best assign each explanation, and conclude with a sentence or two that shows how they are different from each other. You don’t need to list more than 3 explanations. You don’t need to write an essay with an introduction and supporting logic and evidence. Simply follow those directions above: pick three authors and lay out their positions briefly and explicitly