The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas

Paragraph 1: Characters (Fully describe the main characters in each novel).
1. Is there anything unique about your characters appearance or behavior?
2. What personality qualities does this character possess?
3. How do the other characters in the story react to this character?

Paragraph 2: Setting
1. Where does the story take place?
2. When does it take place?
3. Write a detailed description of the setting and be sure to include sensory details.

Paragraph 3: Conflict (Problems faced by the character)
1. What is the central problem or conflict in the story?
2. Why does the conflict occur?
3. What are some ways the characters deal with the conflict?

Paragraph 4: Resolution (How the problem of the story is worked out)
1. How is the conflict resolved?
2. What happens after the conflict is resolved?

Paragraph 5: Reflection/Conclusion
1. What were your feelings about this book?
2. Is there a particular moment/character/plot point that you enjoyed? Explain why.