The bribery of domestic public officials in OECD member states

Order Description

I along with my group are doing a research project in respect of “Bribery of domestic public

officials”. Our analysis is focused on court cases finalized regarding bribery of OECD countries

domestic public officials. We collected information for a total of 25 cases. They took place in 5

countries: Australia, France, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom. All these cases reached

the final conviction between 2008 and 2016.
So, according to the information we have collected so far, we generated several data tables and I

want the writer to interpret this tables in a proper academic way. As a guide please refer to OECD

report (see attached file), and use their style of writing and data table analysis. I have also

uploaded my own analysis that I have already made for another tables as an example for you. But,

please keep in mind that this analysis is not polished to perfection.
The questions in both reports (our report and OECD) are the same, so, you can easily find them in

the OECD report, and they are:
1. What is the cost of a bribe?
2. Why are the bribes being paid?
3. How the case was reported?
For this analysis you should use the 8 tables uploaded in additional file and complement the

analysis with specific information about the cases (use relevant country cases summary, which I

uploaded as well).
let me know if you have further question and need any additional information.