The Case of Marisol

  1. correct DSM V client diagnosis. rationale as to how I arrived at the diagnosis. additional conditions that may be of non-clinical interest. Cultural or diversity considerations or ny other psychological factors 2.Systemic considerations such as family and relational.How would you address the client’s presenting concern from a systemic perspective? Treatment considerations may also be considered in this section as well. 3. Treatment considerations appropriate to the case as well if psychotropic should be a consideration. Case: Marisol is a 40- year old single female from a tight knit Puerto Rican family..She is employed full time as a data analyst for a technology company. She is steadily progressed in her career by working for a relatively small companies where her role allowed her to work relatively independent. Unfortunately, working for small organizations was less stable financially so she has been working for a larger company for the past four years. Interacting with a larger work group has challenged her comfort zone. She prefers to spend time with a network of close friends she has known most of her life whom she visits with one on one. Her family lives in the area, and she sees them frequently. Her parents and older brother have always provided a support system and practical help. She enjoys quiet evenings alone or t the home of her brother and his family. Her friends and family privately wonder why she’s never dated or wanted to travel.