The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at a local hospital


You are the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at a local hospital in an area that is experiencing an influx of immigrants from different countries. Your leadership team is encountering the conflict of a language barrier, as the workforce is not the same as this patient population. You may experience staff and patient complaints.

As a CNO, you must prepare a report for the board of hospital executives with recommendations for a plan of action. The objective of this research project is to prepare the nursing leader to analyze and discuss the best possible plan to address this issue.
-Examine the types of cultural competence conflict that you may experience when providing culturally competent care and nursing recommendations to resolve these conflicts.
-Develop a strategic plan that measures progress, foster the magnet principles and promote patient safety in the Hospital
-Support effective decision-making as part of a healthy work environment
-Apply one MSN essential interventions to support your plan.

*Support this paper with at least two to three journals from within the last 5 years.

It is required a maximum of a 4 page-paper in length with an abstract of no more than 250 words is required. (5 pages total)