The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature

Chapter 7 “Symbolism” pages 219-242
Chapter 8 “Theme” pages 242-264
Chapter 9 “Style, Tone, and Irony” pages 264-293
Chapter 10 “Combining the Elements of Fiction: A Writing Process” pages 293-309

In a word processing document, answer the following questions:

  1. List as many of the ideas we have encountered in the course so far as you can recall.
    2.In no more than two or three sentences, try to summarize the ideas we have encountered in the course so far.
    3.Write two or three questions that remain unanswered for you.
  2. Describe something that you found interesting in what we have encountered so far.

5.Describe a way in which what we’ve covered so far, has changed an idea you had about fiction or literature in general, or how you might apply the contents of our fiction module with your previous experience to interpret a “text” (feel free to interpret text loosely). Use examples.

Choose one story from each chapter -Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 (symbolism and theme chapters).

2. Describe a symbol or theme present in each story. Use examples from the text to explain what goes into creating the symbol or theme. Explain the meaning that it adds to the story

In your own words, write a brief definition of two of the three elements discussed in this weeks reading (style, tone, and irony)

2. For one of the stories in our readings this week, describe the use of style, tone, or irony. give examples, and explain how the style tone, or the use of irony in the story influences your interpretation of the story.