The concept of organized crime as a provider of “goods and services

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.The concept of organized crime as a provider of “goods and services

1. Describe the concept of organized crime as a provider of “goods and services.” Do you think that OC provides a legitimate service to the general public? Explain your answer.

2. How has organized crime involvement in the commercial sex industry changed over time? How has the Internet changed the landscape of the sex business generally, and sex tourism and
pornography more specifically?

3. Discuss the tragedy of child sex slavery in different countries. What do you think can be done to eliminate this problem in our world today?

4. Give a brief history of the development of heroin abuse in the U.S. What led to the enactment of the Harrison Act in 1914? What steps do you think we can take to solve the problems of
heroin addiction in our country today?

5. Describe the four major geographic sources for heroin? How do you think we can impact the growing and subsequent cultivation of opium poppies in these areas? How does American foreign
policy impact the drug trade globally?

6. What are the three basic forms of labor racketeering? What is the “Wagner Act,” and how did it impact labor racketeering? Describe what other steps we should take as a government to
prevent this type of activity.

7. Explain the process of money laundering…how are legitimate businesses used to accomplish this task.

8. Compare the TVPA to the Protect Act… what are the differences? Do you think that these laws are adequate in preventing trafficking in persons globally? What else should the American
government be doing to prevent this type of heinous activity?

9. Explain RICO. Discuss the major criticisms of RICO. Do you think that these criticisms are legitimate? Why or why not?

10. What are the six federal departments with responsibility for responding to organized crime? Describe the mission and responsibility of some of the primary agencies in these departments
focusing on combatting OC. What do you think are the problems and issues with so many agencies assigned “pieces” of the enforcement task against OC? Do you think that our government should
develop a national police initiative or single agency to focus on organized crime?

2.Organizational Chart

Create an organizational chart to represent the ideal structure for your current organization (or any company in Middle East) and a written report in support of the chart.Include: • The type of
structure (divisional structure, functional structure, matrix structure, or horizontal structure) represented in chart form (see attached PowerPoint) • The benefits of the selected structure • The
challenges of the selected structure • The types of behavior changes needed to adopt the selected structure • Why you believe this structure is most appropriate as a formal design element of the