‘The Constant Gardner’

watch the film ‘The Constant Gardner’ reply to the following questions:

1. Tim Knight of Reel.com says the film is “a galvanizing indictment of big business exploiting Africans’ misery for profit.” How is this shown in the film? Are there other incidents of businesses exploiting disadvantaged people for profits in the news today?
2. At one point Sandy says: “We’re not killing people who wouldn’t be dead otherwise. Look at the death rate. Not that anybody’s counting.” Do you consider this to be callous or pragmatic? Why? Is it legitimate to see the possibility of treating TB in large numbers of people as a more important concern than the death of some people taking Dypraxa or any other drug? Why/why not?
3. Why do you think Justin goes to Lake Turkana to wait for his killers? Does he do the right thing? Why/why not?