The contribution of strategy literature to appraise a range of tools

You are required to critically examine and assess the contribution of strategy literature to appraise a
range of tools, models and theoretical concepts concerned with the process of introducing and
managing strategy at an organisational level. While doing so, it is expected that you will analyse the
relevant literature set in the mainstream strategy domain.
This part of the assignment sets the context for the whole assignment and provides background
information and critical review of academic material that will underpin the study of strategy in the
module. The themes, theories, concepts and evidence covered in the module including the
recommended readings as well as own independent desk research will be used to write the critical
literature review.

6.4 Part 2. Case Study [2000 Words] 65%
Choose an international organisation or sector that is currently (or has recently experienced)
experiencing radical change underpinned by organisational strategy.
The aim of this part of the assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to critically appraise and
apply strategic management approach in an organisation/sector of your choice. You will be required
to select an organisation/sector and conduct research and in-depth analysis of strategic change
taking place or strategy as practice in action. This could be (but is not limited to): downsizing, merger,
restructuring, rapid expansion (size, business activities), introduction of team working, introduction
of new technology, major changes in work design, embedding strategic changes as routinised
activities and major organisational development interventions (see lecture slides for possible topics).

6.5 The Ensuing Discussion Should Include the Following Information:

 The type of strategy and why it was introduced. The context in which strategic change took
 The process of change, i.e. how change occurred and the extent to which the change in
question is/was successful.
 The argumentation must be coherent and substantiated.
 The analysis, synthesis and evaluation must use relevant theoretical and/or conceptual
underpinning in a critical fashion. Moreover, the value of theoretical and conceptual models
to address the change process and the role of strategy should be critically considered and
demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of theories and their application to real
business situations.
 Assess the value of using strategic intervention in organisations.

 Introductory paragraph (c 250 words).
 Literature review section (750 words)
 Case study (2000 words)

o Discussion and critical evaluation of the background to the need for the strategic
intervention – including the driving and restraining forces and consequence of not
o Outline the system used to involve stakeholders in the introduction of change and
the diverse reactions to change by different stakeholders.
o Critically evaluate the appropriateness of strategic management and the impact it
has on the organisation and the stakeholders involved.
o Assess the options available to the organisation in implementing the proposed
o Recommend and justify an appropriate strategy including a strategy to manage
reactions to change, including any resistance and the role of bureaucracy (if any).
o Discuss the role of and importance of the top management teams (TMTs) in the
change process.
o Evaluate the strategies, skills and competencies and their impact on the
organisation’s future.