1. Experts suggest that you dress professionally for a telephone interview even though the interviewer can’t see you. Do you agree that this is important? Why or why not?
  2. In getting ready for a telephone interview for a new job, what are the three or four things for which you most want to be prepared? If you are getting ready to interview someone else for a job, what are the three or four major things that you’d expect that person to be prepared for?
  3. Matt Aberham warns against simply trying to “sell yourself” during a phone interview. You agree, but you also believe that selling yourself is one of the things that you to do as a job seeker. What sort of strategies do you regard as legitimate and effective in trying to sell yourself to a phone interviewer (or an in-person interviewer, for that matter)?
  4. Using Skype and similar methods has become quite popular in setting up the complete online conversation. How would the use of this technology modify a telephone interview? How about other forms of communication, such as text messaging?