The Diet

Part I The Diet
Include the following in P. I:
• C;riditecci,optitaii,:i ,Tyermine if the person’s diet is deficient or in excess of CHO, PRO, and fat • Criterion 2: Explain in detail how the person’s diet meets or does not meet the RDA for five or more micronutrie.. Part II Disease and Nutrition
Include the following in Part II:
• Criterion l: Explain how the person’s diet would affect thc patient’s disease symptoms and progression. Provide a minimum of three examples of how specific foods affect the disease pathophysiology. Provide examples of footh the person should avoid, and those he/she should consume. • Criterion 2: Exp. how food interacts with the medications this patient takcs. What are the nutrient-related side efk.cts of the medication? What are the nutrient restrictions and recommendations for thc medications? iTinst:ol= ‘firer Tor, 17o=irP. rfir’pers=lieilrig fiber with iron, the fiber will reduce the absorption of the iron thus decreasing the effectiveness of the iron.
Part III Patient Education
Include the following in part III:
• .tIri:11.,cytitterervar11ct:fat°”ZrahEerp
• YC*riltrefitTIDevelop an evidence-based nutritional cducation plan with three SMART goals for your patient. Provide specific musing strategies and examples for the patient. and consider all aspects of t. patient’s lifestyle.