The discoveries of a notable scientist

1. Choose one of the following notable scientists to discuss. Johannes Kepler Antoine Lavoisier Humphry Davy James Prescott Joule Daniel Bernoulli Robert Hooke Guglielmo Marconi Michael Faraday Nikola Tesla Peter Higgs Ada Lovelace Chien-Shiung Wu Rachel Carson Rita Levi-Montalcini Ellen Swallow Richards Dorothy Hodgkin Francoise Barre-Sinoussi Virginia Apgar Marie Tharp Donna Strickland 2. Provide a very brief (250 words max) biography of the scientist: a. Year and location of birth (and death, if applicable) b. Education c. Career/job d. Any other notable or interesting facts 3. Discuss his/her scientific achievement(s). What did he/she discover? Briefly discuss their approach to answering these questions: what experiments did he/she conduct? 4. Provide historical context during the time of his/her discovery: a. How was their work received by their peers and the public? Was their work accepted and celebrated at the time? Why or why not? b. Did they receive any accolades for their work (e.g. awards, honours, prizes)?