The effectiveness of brief CBT interventions for adolescents.

The effectiveness of brief CBT interventions for adolescents with an acute crises in an emergency setting. Does it make their treatment better and more effective? Would it improve negative attitudes experienced by service users and improve health outcomes?

Assignment 2

Marketing Principles and Practice

Design a marketing plan for Born&Bred. This small and local business aims to offer high quality Yorkshire food to customers all around the country. They are currently focusing on local customers (Yorkshire foodies and visitors to Yorkshire). They would like to expand by reaching to a new target: “Yorkshire expats in London” (that is: people having a strong relationship with Yorkshire and living in the London area, e.g. people having recently moved from Yorkshire to London, people originally from Yorkshire established in London, Londoners having spent multiple holidays in Yorkshire). Your task is to put into practice the content of the lectures and seminars to advise Born&Bred on the strategic approach for this broad segment. Key questions are:
What is the potential size of this segment (by value and volume)? Who would the key competitors be? Is their current positioning adapted to the segment and the competition? Should the offer evolve in terms of convenience?
They ask you to deliver your findings in an evidence-based report following the structure of a marketing plan. It should cover amongst other things:
Potential target sub-segments (long list); recommendations as to which of these they
should concentrate on, with supporting evidence
Estimated size of opportunity/market Competitor analysis Identify the key risks (threats and weaknesses) that could undermine their venture Potential marketing strategy including advice on brand strategy, potential product
range, pricing, marketing communications and distribution
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by which the success of the endeavour can be