The effectiveness of self-etching primer versus conventional acid etch primer

This is my supervisor message in the Data management, quality assurance and statistical analysis section (Yellow part):
(Thanks for the latest submission. I’ve been through it and it, unfortunately, requires a bit more work to bring it up to scratch. If you follow the teaching materials closely you can expand on each of the required sections.

You need to go beyond a short paragraph for data entry, authenticity and collection, these are important areas that should be considered thoroughly. The data security section is good however and if you apply the same level of detail and iterative thought to the other sections it will be good.
Please add in detail about data integrity, checking, audit procedures and staff duties. The use of trial management or steering committees to oversee data issues should be discussed.

In addition try to foresee what type of data you will be acquiring, create a CRF, what data pre-processing needs to be done before stats analysis? Try to utilise the primary and secondary outputs to frame the type of data measures you will use and justify why then you are not using alternatives. You need to show the examiner you have considered the options and not just fitted the data round an existing template.

The statistics section should include a power calculation, you should also show either examples or clear definitions of the type of data gathered in the study, how is will be analysed, what these analyses mean- for example what the stats (like a t-test, Mann-U) actually measure and why they are the most appropriate tool to use with this data. There’s lots of good part to this section but you need to show you have considered each area and not paid lip service to these issues in the dissertation. The data management section is the second most substantial in terms of marks of the entire submission, a good data section is invariably what differentiates the grades in the final assessment)
Can you correct this and If you want to put any information put it more specific in my topic area
-Please find attached the original dissertation marked by yellow part
-Please find the teaching material of the Data management, quality assurance and statistical analysis