The effects of social media on human thinking and behavior


You must have a minimum of 5 sources for your research project. Your sources must come from digital periodical databases found in GCC’s library, not any other library.
Print and other hardcopy sources are not permitted for this assignment at all. If there is a print source you want to use, you MUST locate it in a digital format otherwise you may not use it.
The following are types of sources you may use:
• Scholarly journal and newspaper articles or editorials from digital databases [archived online/GCC’s Library]
• Articles from electronic databases such as Academic Search Complete, CQ Researcher, JSTOR, etc. which are available through GCC’s library
• Syndicated sources such as podcasts, blogs
• Video sources such as YouTube, TED, Vine
make sure the MLA Format it has to be MLA8, dont forget. Also dont forget all the sources has to be from Glendale Community College library not from somewhere else ,when you login you from data base you can use proquest one and then start search your sources and follow the instructor that what kind of source u need ,I mentioned on the top