The Environment of Management

The Environment of Management

Project description
Major: Safety Management Minor : Not yet

Career goal following education

To spread safety to everyone

Is this career goal directly related to your major __?___ Yes ____ No

Select an industry related to your major or career interest

Industrial Machinery

(____ this industry selected because I could not find an appropriate industry.)
(____ this industry selected based on an approved exception)

Name no more than three (3) companies in this industry

Dover Corporation URL

Cummins URL

Danaher Corporation URL
Select another industry in which you have an interest (must be represented in the S&P500).

Name no more than three (3) companies in this industry
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

FMC Technologies Inc. URL

Cameron International Corp. URL

Baker Hughes Inc URL

MGT 301 Spring, 2015
The Environment of Management
Environment Description Assignment

In this assignment, you will describe the task environment in which a company operates.


1.Begin with the industries which you selected in the Industry Identification form you previously completed.
2.Select one company from one industry and one company from the other industry
3.Research those companies using internet sources
a.You must use at least two sources for each company
b.Wikipedia and social media (Facebook, Linkedin) cannot be one of those sources
4.Submit a written report with the following information:
a.Names of the industries and the name of a company within each industry
i.Make sure that I know which company goes with which industry
b.For each company
i.Describe what you believe are three important elements in the task environment of that company. Elements are entities in the environment or features of the environment (as discussed in class), not goals (e.g., profits) or processes (e.g., efficiency). The descriptions should have some detail to them. For example, if you say that customers are an element in the environment, name a few customers or specify the customer categories (such as commercial builders, hospitals, or discount clothing retailers). Also,
ii.Why is this element important in the companys environment? Or what role does this element play in shaping the behavior of the company? Give this some thought and please try to go beyond statements that are true for any company such as, The company could not exist without customers.
c.Compare the task environments of the companies
i.In what ways are they the same and in what ways are they different.
ii.What is the significance of the differences?
d.List the sources you used for this report.
5.The report has a three page limit. It is important that I can clearly see each of the required part of the assignment. You need not use an essay format.
6.You should use a clean copy of your most recent Industry Identification page as a cover sheet.
7.Remember, the list of environmental elements that were mentioned in class or found on the class Powerpoints is not exhaustive. Give some thought to the industry and to its environment. The important element(s) may not have been mentioned in class or the Powerpoints.

Due date for the assignment will be announced in class an on the Blacboard site. The assignment is worth 20 points and may take more than two weeks to be returned to you.