The episode of The World Set Free

https://www.dailymotion.comivideo/x6u8fyc Sections 1; Watch the episode of The World Set Free, and answer the questions below. You can upload your answers or use the text box. You can access the video via the link below, or get them via google.

  1. What was Venus like?What went wrong? What does it look like today?
    2.What would the earth be like without carbon dioxide?What would it be like with too much carbon dioxide?
    3.What is the source of increasing CO2 on earth?How do we know that the sun is not responsible for current warming? How is the sun the solution?
    Section 2:For this week’s forum, pick a place off of earth that you would like to visit. It could be in our solar system, or elsewhere, Why do you want to go there? What would you like to see, and what do you think it would be like? How would you travel there, and what would you need to bring with you to survive?