The federal government

(Kelman: Too Many Contractors?) The article was written almost a decade ago, but the issue has gained new life recently. At least partly for the reasons given in the article, the federal government is trying to reduce the number of IT services contractors and to hire qualified staff to replace them. At the same time, the federal government is cutting costs, which means that there are fewer contracts for the contractors, so they are laying off staff. What do you think? Are there too many IT services contractors? Will the federal government be able to hire enough qualified staff to replace them despite the tight budgets? Will the federal agencies be able to “grow” their own in-house IT professionals?

How To Complete This Activity

Topic: Your thoughts on Kelman’s article, Too Many Contractors

Expectation: Write a 1,000-word essay with your perspective on the article and please make sure to use external references to support your analysis. The essay must be in APA format.