The film Medium Cool (1969)

Watch the film Medium Cool (1969), directed by Haskell Wexler, and read ‘When Looks Could Kill: American Cinema of the Sixties,” a brief article by Robert Sklar. (I will upload it later) Then write a response to the film. You can write about anything you like, as long as it is thoughtful and specific. Here are two possibilities. Use one of the two questions below to get started if you’re not sure what to write about. However, do not answer both of these questions; rather, you should end up with one coherent essay-style response. It’s more about talking about your own opinions. 1. According to Sklar, what are the features and themes of 1960s American cinema? According to your own viewing of the film, how does Medium Cool represent those themes specifically? 2. How are members the news media portrayed in Medium Cool, and what issues do they face? Does the documentary itself contribute to the problem of determining what is real and what is “fake”?