The formula for Permutations

1) Use the formula for Permutations, nPr = n! (n−r)! to find the value for each expression. Confirm each result by using your calculator. a) 8P3 b) 4P4 c) 5P3 d) 5P0

2) How many 4 letter permutations can be formed from the letters in word rhombus?

3) For a board of directors composed of eight people, in how many ways can a president, vice president, and treasurer be selected?

4) How many different ID cards can be made if there are six digits on a card and no digit can be used more than once?

5) In how many ways can seven different types of laundry soap be displayed on a shelf in a store?

6) A child has four different stickers that can be placed on a model car in a vertical stack. In how many ways can this be done if each sticker is to be used only one time?

7) An inspector must select three tests to perform in a certain order on a manufactured part. He has a choice of seven tests. How many different ways can he perform three tests?

8) In how many different ways can 4 raffle tickets be selected from 50 tickets if each ticket wins a different prize?