The function of creativity and rationality in Gilman’s, “The Yellow Wallpaper”

1. Discuss the function of creativity and rationality in Gilman’s, “The Yellow Wallpaper”. How does the author present the conflict between these two and how does the conflict manifest itself in the narrator’s behavior and thoughts? How can you characterize the narrator as a “troubled artist”? 2. In The Handmaid’s Tale, discuss how the act of looking/watching, or “the gaze” becomes a sexual act. How do the watcher and the watched interact, engage and communicate without words? In what ways and for which characters do the eyes act a sexual organ. Point to specific moments in the text to defend your claims 3. How does Emily Dickinson establish the tone of her poem, “There’s a certain Slant of Light” and what is she trying to say about the role of nature on the individual 4. Select four symbols that appear in Edith Wharton’s novel, Ethan Frome. How are these symbols connected and how do they convey particular themes and motifs throughout the novel? What do the symbols teach us about the characters and what do they reveal about the overall lesson of the novel? Add some punctuation errors here and there.