The Fundamentals of Caring Video Reflection

https://d SD rl-xcWf,nr51 hxE3q5Yj7QLRqqpPA90/view Please respond to the film : 7he Fundamentals of Caring’ in a minimum 2-page double-spaced paper or 7-10 min audio/video recording addressing the following:
What part of the film most surprised you? Explain why. (5 pts) What stereotypes Ad you see in the film? Relate this to disability. (5 pts) Describe how oppression a. privilege are shown A the film? (5 pts) In your opinion what can individuals d to lessen or eliminate such stereotyping and oppression? Add your own additional observations. (5 pts)
Do you think this film accurately portrays disability? Would other people benefit from viewing this film to learn more? Why or why not? (5 pts)