The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change

Access to the book "The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change" by Al Gore. I will attach the instruction in pics, please read the instruction very carefully.
Explain one of Gore’s major contend and how well he supports his argumeat. NOTE: Your job isn’t to argue whether Gore is tight or wrong. And it’s not to retell every last detail that Gore provides us on the problem. Rather, it’s just to Show your reader Gores logic and well he supports his claims.

• This essay will draw from Ch. 3-4 in Gore. Chose one section in one of these two chapters to break down for your reader. This is a close analysis of a single section and not a broad analysis of an entire chapter. • 4-5 panes, typed. double-spaced, 12-point limes New-Roman font Please do not make your paper “artificially” longer. • You must have a thesis clearly stated at the end of your introduction. This is the main idea, the point you will develop in your essay. Say what it is that you’re showing your reader and even feel Inv to show your reader what GO! e’s main supporting ideas are.
You must ampog_yowdmis with quotations from Gore. Sonic paraphrasing is also tine, but be sure that at the heart of each point you make, that you have a supporting quotes. Look to incorporate at least 6 quotes for this paper. But depending on what section you pick, you might need more to have a compelling and suenssful paper. • Your essay must have a clear organkut jon (thesis and topic sentences should align). Your topic sentences (and the contents of the paragraphs they begin) should each cover a specific supporting argument that directly supports your thesis.
• Your essay must be in MI A format. See the Syllabus, the Purdue OWI. (online writing lab), and your notes for information about formatting and citing requirements. We will go Wier all of these things in class.