The great divergence

The period from 1850 or so to 1913/1929 saw the emergence of what some have called the Great Specialization, when a truly international economy encompassing most of the globe emerged.
A. Changes in patterns of trade during the Great Specialization
i. What were the three main product groups that emerged as important components of core-periphery trade? In which product group were core countries most competitive? In which product group were they least competitive? Did the diversity of exports match the diversity of imports? Which influences were most important: Heckscher-Ohlin (relative resource scarcity—usually land versus labor) or Ricardian (differences in production conditions because of technology or climate)
ii. Which continents were the most important exporters and importers in 1913? How did the pattern of international specialization in 2015 differ from the pattern of international specialization in 1913 in terms of which continents accounted for the most exports and imports? (Which gained, which lost)?
B. Causes of the Great Specialization
i. How did changes in the terms of trade influence the Great Specialization?
ii. Which of these would be more responsible for influencing terms of trade changes: a. changes in technology (transport, communication) or b. changes in trade policy?