The Great Gasby and The American Dream


Paper details:

ONLY talk about Jay Gatsby and how the American Dream of the 1920’s and how he lacks the american dream- also how jay gatsby represent the themes
of the Lost Generation-

This is what I have so far and can use it if you needed but talk about the Green Light and how it effected Gatsby and how it relates to the AMerican Dream-
-ALso talk about Daisy and Gatsby and how she is the American Dream for him-

One symbol that represents the American Dream for Gatsby is the green light at the end of the dock which separates East Egg from West Egg- This is shown
when Nick describes Gatsby and says “he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way… distinguished nothing except a single green light,
minute and far away- ”(1-20-21)- This green light stood for Gatsby’s dreams that one day he will achieve by reuniting with Daisy but later on in the story the
green light represented the materialistic American Dream that was impossible to achieve- It represents that people are always trying to reach something that
they can’t actually achieve like for example for Gatsby it is Daisy-

Another example of Gatsby and the American Dream is what he did- Gatsby came from a poor family and then becomes very wealthy just to impress
Daisy and win her back but ultimately fails in the end- For frve years Gatsby built up his wealth for Daisy while Daisy was living her life and moved on- At the
end of the story Nick says “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us- It eluded us then, but that’s no matter-
to-morrow we will run faster, stretch our arms farther.- And one fine moming- So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past-”
(9-180)- Gatsby thinks of Daisy as a perfect person which she never was and he realizes that throughout the story as he sees her kid and how she has
moved on- This relates to the American Dream during the 192os by that it was also ruined by people trying to recreate the past before the war- Gatsby was
trying to recreate his dreams with Daisy and make it the way it was before he left to war but eventually fails in doing so-

Paragraph template:

topic sentence: 1 sentence

explain sentence: 2-4 sentences

support sentence which use quotes ONLY from the book- 3-4 sentences

conclusion sentence: 1 sentence

transition sentence

-This essay should only be about Gatsby, The American Dream of the 192os , and the lost generation and how he doesn’t achieve it and lacks it-
use quotes ONLY from the book-

dont plagiarize because teacher uses plagiarize tool to find if essay is plagiarized or not- as long as plagiaer is under 10%-