The Green Office: Economics and Chapter 15: The Domination Office: The Star System and Labor Unions

Choose 5 questions to write about out of the following. No less than one page response. What is an example of an ecosystem? Explain one way that an ecosystem can resemble an economic system. What are some effects of smog? What’s an environmental impact statement? Why are the business ethics of the environment more intemational in nature than many other subjects? Briefly, what is the history of the free-use attitude toward the natural world? How can technology make environmental protection a wasted effort? How can the idea of geological time become an argument against taking expensive steps to protect the natural world? What are some reasons why our ethical obligations to ourselves may lead us to protect the natural world? What is the difference between protecting the natural world because we humans are valuable, and because animals are valuable? What kind of experiences with nature may result in the sensation that, as an interdependent whole, the natural world holds value? If the decision is made to protect nature. who are some individuals or groups that might be asked to pay the cost? What’s the difference between environmental protection and environmental conservation? How has industrialization caused environmental problems? How can it resolve those problems? What is a cost-benefit analysis? With respect to the environment, how can a cost-benefit analysis be used to answer questions about business and environmental protection? What is practical problem with the execution of a cost-benefd analysis strategy for responding to environmental problems? What’s the difference between a corporation guided by profit and one guided by a sense of social responsibility? Why might a stakeholder theory of corporate decision making be good for the environment? What are the basic steps of the cognitive awareness and interest argument?