The history or genesis of the ethical dilemma

Select a topic, preferably from social work practice, that has general social importance.

  1. Discuss the history or genesis of the ethical dilemma and, if applicable, the values underlying the topic from the perspectives of society, the profession, religion, the agency, the client, and your own.
  2. Present a case in which the social worker is in conflict with the family, agency, colleagues, group, or community over this ethical dilemma. Describe the specific conflict situation.
  3. Present the ethical dilemma in one or two sentences.
  4. Utilizing either the Ethical Justification Model of Beauchamp & Childress or Mattison’s Model apply the model to your case. Begin with the background information
  5. Identify any value conflicts that may be present in the ethical dilemma.
  6. Identify ethical principles and theories as they pertain to the ethical dilemma.
  7. Identify possible courses of action and the benefits/costs and possible outcomes of each..
  8. Make the decision/resolution and explain how and why you arrived at that decision.
  9. Discuss how your personal values entered into the decision-making process.
  10. Throughout the paper, cite at least 4-5 relevant sources from literature on the topic and on the value and ethical considerations.