The ideas of base and superstructure from Marx that you read about in Storey’s text

  1. Consider the ideas of base and superstructure from Marx that you read about in Storey’s text. How do these ideas connect to The Defiant Ones? Make sure to use the text and various parts of the film to support your argument. You will want to include Storey, TDO, and any applicable outside works needed.
  2. Kathy Iandoli writes about women in hip hop. She argues that….”It’s a problem that’s persisted since women first picked up the microphone, navigating through a culture that’s oftentimes regarded as a “young man’s game.” In her 2019 piece, she asks “Are women finally getting the treatment in hip hop they deserve? (Links to an external site.)” How are women treated and looked at in the The Defiant Ones? Think about this in relation to current issues in hip hop (think about Chris Brown and Rhianna). Do you agree or disagree with Iandoli? Explain your position using our course work and outside resources as needed.
  3. Think about the idea of power and hegemony in The Defiant Ones. Storey, in Chapter 6, quotes Foucault “Discourses are not once and for all subservient to power or raised up against it, anymore than silences are. We must make allowances for the complex and unstable process whereby discourse can be both an instrument and an effect of power, but also an hindrance, a stumbling block, a point of resistance and a starting point for an opposing strategy. Discourse transmits and produces power; it reinforces it, but also undermines it and exposes it, renders it fragile and makes it possible to thwart it (318).” Using elements from TDO and one other source from any medium of pop culture, craft an essay that demonstrates where and how discourse transmits and produces power.
  4. Do you think The Defiant Ones tells a story of two smart men sharing and using their power or a form or Orientalism? Explain your position using elements from the film, our readings, your own experience, and further readings from Edward Said.