The impact of Consumption and Investment on the GDP in Qatar (1990- 2013)

The impact of Consumption and Investment on the GDP in Qatar (1990- 2013)

Project description
– you can go back to managerial statistics by gerald keller 9th edition book for help

Topic :

The impact of Consumption and Investment on the GDP in Qatar (1990- 2013)

Each student must do the following (ANSWER ALL REQUIREMENTS):

1-    Collect data related to the topic that has been chosen. A soft copy of the data must be sent to the instructor (Excel File). The document will be part of the evaluation process.

Examples of sources of Data
A-    The website of the central Banks of Qatar, Saudi Arabia ,Bahrain, UAE,  Oman and Kuwait (check the statistical reports of the central banks).
B-    Bloomberg (available in the computer labs at CBE)
C-    Qatar University Library ( ask for assistance to search within the databases available at the library)

2-    Provide descriptive statistics of each variable (Three series) in the report (mean, median, variance, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, … etc.). Plot the data for the three series and include the graphs in the report.

3-    Run the estimation of the regression model using Excel to get the coefficients and the standard errors of each coefficient ( ss it is done during the lectures) and plot the necessary graphs to check the required conditions about the error terms.

4-    Analyze the Excel output: Test for each coefficient of the regression model and for the regression model as a whole. Assess the regression model: how well does it fit the data? Are the required conditions about the errors satisfied?

The report of each group should include the following points;
A-    Cover page (Title, names, IDs of the group members, Course number)
B-    Introduction about the selected topic
C-    Data Description
D-    Estimation
E-    Discussion of the results
F-    Conclusion
G-    References

Grading Scheme
Data collections with supportive documents    25%
Descriptive Statistics    10%
Regression Model    15%
Analysis of the regression model    25%
Quality of writing    15%
Communication across group members    10%

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