The Impact of Employee Engagement on Employee Performance

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Note: I would also like to kindly request the writer has English as a first language please.

Note: I have paid for a review by an editor, as I have in the past, but there still tends to be numerous grammatical and spelling errors, could you kindly ensure a quality review in an effort to minimize these issues.

I need to submit by chapter/sections along the way for feedback and hence I would like to have the introductory chapter (2,000 – 2,500 words) completed first, then reviewed before the next phase of the project is worked on and reviewed etc.

Please find attached the previous dissertation proposal which has now been approved.

Please also find attached the correspondence regarding suggestions based on the proposal feedback and the slight change in direction, and narrowing of focus.

I am submitting this as one order as I want one consistent high quality writer throughout the entire process.

I can be flexible with the time frames.

Could I request the first chapter to be completed by March 10th?

The entire project does not need to be completed in the 2-month time frame, but that is the maximum your system will allow me to select.

feel free to communicate as often as you wish. This is an important and expensive project and I would like to ensure a quality high-end product and an excellent communication process.