The impact of exercise on cardiovascular disease: a focus on endothelial function.

Define the cardiovascular system and endothelial dysfunction.

Outline the impact of aging on the cardiovascular system and how atherosclerosis may lead to cardiac events.

Describe the endothelium (I addition to the description use diagram to support the idea).

Demonstrate understanding of the importance of the endothelium for regulating vascular tone (particularly in relation to nitric oxide activity) I addition to the description use diagram to support the idea.
Describe and explain techniques that can examine endothelial function in the microvasculature and in the large vessels. You may wish to discuss the strengths and limitations of the techniques too.

Discuss the findings of studies pertaining to exercise and endothelial function. You may wish to focus on the differential impact of exercise on microvessels vs. large vessels, and functional and structural measures of the vasculature.

Outline current limitations in research studies and our understanding of the above concepts and suggest avenues for future research.