The impact of Technology

The impact of Technology

In this essay, you will discuss one or both of the following articles:
“Do Elephants Have Souls?” by Caitrin Nicol
“Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us” by Bill Joy

Choose an aspect of either article, or a theme shared by both, and express an opinion about it. Do you agree, disagree, or both agree and disagree with the author’s

conclusions? Here are some possible discussion topics, but you are free to come up with your own:
-Nicol says that American and European concerns about Asian and African elephants could be interpreted as yet another form of imperialism or colonialism. Do you feel

this claim has merit?
-How can it benefit us to try to see the world as an elephant does?
-How do both articles explore the theme of freedom?
-One of Bill Joy’s greatest concerns is the concentration of power in the hands of a few, or in the wrong hands. Do you think this is a valid concern?

Your paper should:
-Have a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph. Remember that a thesis statement is an opinion that can be argued. The purpose of your paper will be to use

evidence to prove your thesis.
-Give the name of the article(s) and author’s(s’) full name(s) in the first paragraph.
-Use quotes from the article as evidence for your thesis and other arguments. As this is a short paper, please limit quotes to 3 sentences.
-Clearly show who is being quoted.

-4 pages typed, double-spaced
-Times New Roman 12-pt. font
-MLA header and page numbers
-Outside sources are not required. But if you use outside sources, cite them using MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Sources must be reputable, which means

no blogs, Wikipedia, or forum comments.